Ironic Nature

By: Melissa De La Luna

Rainy days, a sunless sky, oh how hapless am I

Tried eyes, sleep filled nights, a blurred vision has I

poetic verse goes in revers, left is right, right goes left

twisted words collided

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Apocalypse Not

By: Melissa De La Luna

The end comes near

It fills us with fear

Closed your mind

Apocalypse not

Beneath the sea lies lady liberty

Watch now as the bodies pile

Under a power so vile

Don’t let them silence you

Unzip your tongue

Fight for your rights, your beauty

Don’t let the images in the mirror bring you down

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Watch Them Fall

By: Melissa De La Luna

Checkmate the empire has fallen
Watch as the enemy approches the gate

Mothers, children and the elderly
Drop to their knees

The end is here,
The toy soldiers shift into gear

Left, right, right, left time goes slow
The empire has fallen and they are all doomed

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Requiem of Love

By: Melissa De La Luna

In the darkest depths of my soul,

Lies a memory I withhold.

There’s a child with a story untold.


Unimpassioned lover,

Unfaithful truth.

Lies! Beneath a stolen youth.


Withering flower,

Now stolen time,

Holds no place.


A ghastly crime,

Ghostly memories,

Revealed in rhyme.


Steadfast lover,

Enlighten the soul.

Come to me, renew and console.


Knightly gallant,

Essence of chivalry,

Come forth and set me free.


Vanquish darkness from my memory.


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Welcome to the Labyrinth

Some people call them thoughts, but I like to call it a big mess, the mind of a writer can never just focus on one thing. Thank God for pen and paper and this new technology called a blog, writers can now put them together and actually make sense. So here is my official welcome to the labyrinth that lies inside the tangled mind of this writer in the making my name is Melissa De la Luna and these are my stories.

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